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It has been a whirlwind of a beginning to my business

I have had such fun sourcing all the superb wooden bathroom features for MBraceInteriors. With the rich warm material choices of Ash, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Sapele, Mebau and Padouk, my goal is to guarantee that each bathroom will be an oasis of calm which will provide rejuvenation at the end of any stressful day!

I love the different visual and tactile feel to each piece, from the gracefully glamorous ‘Dagami’ washbasin with the neck of a swan and a rich tapestry of colour, to the ‘Madra’ bathtub which has the buzzwords of contemporary comfort, clean and precise yet cosily tempting!

I know that the utmost love and care has been used as each piece is individually crafted so that every bathtub and washbasin is unique.

Through a combination of traditional and ultra-modern crafting techniques, each piece has its own specific texture and colour.

With natural warmth, soothing touch and outstanding thermal insulation values, I know that our ranges will bring harmony to any bathroom.

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