Our collection of unique products sourced from around the globe ,offers designers an unmatched resource to wow clients on commercial, residential and hospitality projects. We specialize in sourcing items made of natural materials which are hand crafted so you are as close to the nature as you can get!! Mbrace Interiors…naturally beautiful!

Our rich, warm wooden bath tubs and wash basins are an excellent idea for a dream bathroom interior.  They combine perfectly modern minimalism with classic decor. Wood emanates warmth, shape offers full relaxation and harmonious grain texture calms wonderfully. Every bathtub and washbasin has its own, unique character and is hand crafted. The handcrafted multi-layer wooden wall coverings create a sensual , unique aesthetic experience for a home, hotel , retail or office space.

Each Piece Is Individually Crafted



At MBrace Interiors, we uphold a dynamic dream bathroom reputation. With an inspirationally creative approach, our goal is to help the customer choose the perfect bath tub and wash basin, for the bathroom that they want,

for the ambience they need.


We have exclusively sourced our range of new and innovative wooden features in a variety of warm grains. To this end, we can guarantee that each bathroom will be an oasis of calm which will provide rejuvenation at the end of any stressful day.

Each piece is individually crafted so that every bathroom will be unique, not only that, but we also offer a bespoke service to cater to whatever specifications are desired.



We are a proud UK representative of Unique Wood Design products. The family business was established in 1979 in Poland and started as wooden boats and yacht builders. Since then, they developed top level carpentry and boat building technology. The wood working experience, modern coating technology and design creativity makes the dynamic company that they are today.



Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, or bespoke bathtub solution, we will have an option for you. Please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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